neděle 18. srpna 2013

neděle 11. srpna 2013

Weekend visit......

Yesterday before

Yesterday after

Tomorrow afternoon before

Tomorrow afternoon after

New photo today - about 24 hours past spanking

2 day past spanking

3 days past spanking

4 days past spanking

neděle 9. prosince 2012

16.12.2012 - Sorry I had a pneumonia, next actualization past Christmas...

14.12.2012 - 5 days after...

12.12.2012 - 3 days after....

9.12.2012 - Because my butt still is not fully healing, Daddy punish me by medium strap and tawse.... 50 strokes.

pondělí 3. prosince 2012

My gay spankings - i am sub.....

Next punishment its tomorrow..... Daddy return home later :-(

5.12.2012: My butt after three days....

2.12.2012: My TOP comments...
Classic Czech punishment with narrow rubber strap (1.5cm x 8mm x 55cm)
delivered hard and fast.
Followed by 6 strokes with Lochgelly Reformatory (ROSLA) Tawse 13mm thick.
More soon!